Our guitarist/singer and frontman Neil Roberts formed Kent and Sussex-based trio The Black Sheep in 2008.

The band has twice supported legendary ex Dr Feelgood guitarist Wilko Johnson at the 100 Club in London, where Muddy Waters, The Rolling Stones, Eric Clapton and Oasis are just a few big names to have played.


Neil with Wilko - and Wilko's trademark guitar


We were knocked out that Led Zeppelin's guitarist Jimmy Page was in the audience, pictured left.

Also there was REM's guitarist Peter Buck, who told us "Good set" as we came off stage. We were pretty chuffed!

Neil was invited to review the Jimi Hendrix themed suite at London's Cumberland hotel by The Sun. When not playing guitar, Neil is usually re-stringing one, repairing one or drooling over one online



John 'Barney' Barnes (bass) and Peter West (drums) have played more than a thousand gigs together.

For over 15 years they were the engine room of Kent-based R&B band The Rhythm Doctors.


They linked up together again with Neil to provide the solid, tight, rhythm section that drives The Black Sheep. As Peter puts it: 'You just can’t get a fag-paper between us.'

Barney played with a band called The Concords in the 1960s, supporting such luminaries as Jeff Beck, Long John Baldry and Status Quo. In the 70s, his band JCB were a staple of the local pub rock scene - as were Red House in the 80s.


He then became a founder member of the now legendary Rhythm Doctors where he formed his acclaimed partnership with Peter, giving the ‘grunt’ in the Docs' sound.






Peter I’m not deaf yet’ West has never knowingly missed a meal. His claim to infamy (apart from having been Reg Kray’s Probation Officer) is that he has played drums for Edison Lighthouse and Chicory Tip, both of whom had number one hits in the 70s - long, long before Peter played with them.

His wife says he’s a tart 'cos he’ll play drums for anyone!

Peter says love is a funny thing... when marriage with inanimate objects becomes legal, he plans to get spliced with his Noble & Cooley snare.

Elaine - Ellie to friends - has been The Black Sheep's sound engineer and roadie for years...and guitar widow of frontman Neil for decades.


Neil finally invited her to join him on stage as guest singer - well for part of each set, at least. When not belting out blues with the Sheep, Ellie can be found singing anything from Nancy Sinatra to Amy Winehouse as one half of the fun and glitzy cabaret duo The Bling Crosbies


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